pottery tile
Cups Tile Installation
latte mug tile installation gallery
cafe cup tile sample boards
cup & saucer 4" x 4" Tiles
tumbler arrow radial
teapot box radial
pitcher cross radial
Plates folded square
dinner plate indian radial
salad plate leaf radial
saucer meadow
Bowls paisley
soup bowl petal
dip/hors d'oeuvre bowl squared-eights
chip & dip set waves
heart hostess bowl 2" x 2" Tiles
Vases folded square
meadow bottle vase heart
meadow stem vase leaf
meadow bud vase meadow
tall bud vase petal
full bud vase wave
column vase Accent Tiles
full vase diagonal accent
tall vase cap moulding
heart bud vase half round, 1/2"
Cachepots half round, 1"
petite cachepot Field Tiles
small cachepot 4" x 4" field
large cachepot 2" x 2" field
Candlesticks 3" x 6" field
leaf candlestick 2" x 4" field
spiral lamp  
meadow lamp  
paisley lamp  
tile clock  
meadow trivet  
Collector Tiles  
great blue heron  
common blue violet  
oak & holly  
sakonnet lighthouse  
sea shells of NE  
RI red rooster  
Cachepot arrangment
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All glazes are non-toxic and safe for the dishwasher and microwave.

Roseberry-Winn Pottery and Tile

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